Allowing the centralisation, secure aggregation and flexible management of performance data from diagnostics.

Blue Frontier's history working in connected health helped identify that more and more implementers wanted to be able to connect many different systems together.

Often the data originating from diagnostic devices would be used in case-based, surveillance, and other endpoint systems.

At Blue Frontier we have been working to address this by creating an interoperability solution; Open Interop is our open-source and free-to-use implementation of this concept.

Official release

The initial release of the Open Interop platform was made available to the public in November 2019 as an open-source software platform. To download the latest version, click the link below.

Download Open Interop

Please check back for our roadmap and future release schedule.


Licencing and guidelines

Open Interop is released and made available under the AGPLv3 licence. This is an approved open source licence and ensures that organisations and partners who contribute to the code share those contributions with the community at large.

Before downloading and using Open Interop please review the following conditions and guidelines:

Simplify data capture

Configure and translate data using a straightforward and simple interface that is both intuitive and comprehensive.

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Open-source codebase

Free and open-source.

Open Interop is designed and developed as a global good.